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Since the One Direction fandom has been exploding lately (yay!), I thought it was time to have a...

If you want to pimp the meme out because you're an awesome individual, here's the code for the above banner:

or you can use this other banner below the cut:Collapse )

To play, copy and paste this code into a new comment and fill out your information, then talk/friend away! Yay, new friends! :D

ETA: apparently LJ has been marking some people's comments as spam ( >:( LJ). I'm unscreening them as soon as I notice them, but if I don't see it right away, please PM me so I can fix it as quickly as possible!

ETA PART TWO: I've gotten a few comments about this, so just a heads-up: it's more polite to say something before friending than just going ahead and friending! Let people know what you have in common, if you're friending them on twitter/tumblr too, introduce yourself, that kind of thing! That way, people know who you are if you friend them on other platforms, etc. :)
Tags: friending meme, one direction, pimpin ain't easy but it ain't hard, puppies
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Name: Brenna
Age: 23, but 24 on May 1
Location: Michigan

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: My BFF hongkongaton was like "look at these One Direction pictures and videos and listen to these One Direction songs with me" and I became instantly, agonizingly ROBSESSED.
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: I've read like 2 fanfics and I very much enjoyed this one because I love when Louis thinks he's the Kevin Jonas for some reason? LINGERING JONAS BROS FEELINGS.
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: Louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Louis so much!!!! He's such a cute little pixie sprite! I also love little Harry Styles who is also so cute! I enjoy the others but like LOUIS. HARRY. LOUIS/HARRY OBVIOUSLY.
Favorite One Direction song?: One Thing, I Wish, Taken, Everything About You, Stand Up, ALL OF THEM, ETC. I've been bumping "Taken" sooo loud in my car because I LOVE Harry's voice SO MUCH on the chorus.
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: These ones that I just did in-depth analyses on, LORD.

Fun fact about yourself: I'm 6 feet tall.
Other fandoms you're in: I've been in so many fandoms that I'll still gladly talk about, but currently I'm into Supernatural, The Hunger Games, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, X-Men First Class, The Avengers, etc. I watch way more TV and movies than fandoms I'm actively in, though.
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: Mainly stuff about things I've watched or music I'm listening to.
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: yes/yes (I LIVE FOR/ON TWITTER)

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):

be my friend
I stumbled across this somehow and would love to find some people to freak out over the boys with :)

Name: Christina
Age: 24
Location: SF Bay Area

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: I honestly can't remember when I first heard of them. It was just like one day I didn't know them and the next day I loved them :P
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: I don't know any yet!
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: I adore the love that is Louis and Harry, but I have to say I've also got a growing soft spot for Liam <3
Favorite One Direction song?: I love Memories, but I think it was their cover of Torn that first made me love them.
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?:

Oh boys...

Fun fact about yourself: I'm a complete sports freak and I'm obsessed with baseball (Go Giants!), which I have plenty of time to watch now that I'm rerouting my career path and have no job. Right now I'm freaking out over the new Mraz album <3
Favorite trope: Yeaaaah...I have no idea. Lol. I'll need to get back to you on that one.
Other fandoms you're in: You mean which fandoms do I stalk? Haha. Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Glee, White Collar, Supernatural, and Avengers are probably my main ones at the moment. The last fandom I actually did anything for was RENT back during college.
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: I mostly just use my LJ to read things nowadays, but maybe that will be changing soon. I'm way more active on Facebook and Twitter.
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: Just _45ygb_ on twitter. Should I get a tumblr? :)

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):
It's like asking me to choose my favorite child...


Name: Sarah/sarahsan
Age: 25 (ahahaha going to hell)
Location: South Florida for about three more weeks, then Philly. :D

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: As is customary with me, it was theskyturnsred's fault; I was blissfully unaware of them until about a month ago, and then she was all, "I need you to look at these boys' faces so you can RP them with me," and then she was all, "Btw they're on the KCAs tonight," and then I watched WMYB twelve times in a row and realized I needed to memorize all their names right that instant.
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: Jeez I've only read like three so far! D: I heartily enjoyed the usual suspect, however. Also I literally JUST finished reading this one and I'm proposing marriage to it later this afternoon after I've found the perfect ring. <333
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: There is no such thing as favorite members in this ridiculous band because they are all delightful but if held at gunpoint for this answer, I'd say it's Louis by just a half a hair. Louis/Harry OTP, and OT5 liek whoa. A million words of full-band cuddling and perhaps makeouts, is what I am saying.
Favorite One Direction song?: "Moments." Louis' solo, I can't. (He's not even the best singer in this group how has this become the person that I am?? I just put it on loop AGAIN AHH HELP ME.)
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: Right now it's this for the obvious reasons but also for Louis just being precious and mature and reasonable and beautiful.

Fun fact about yourself: For my birthday this year I got to go to Salt Lake City, UT, w/ theskyturnsred to watch some short track speedskating live, and I got to see Olympians in person! <3
Favorite trope: ...all of them. All the tropes. God I really don't even know, I have a real thing for subconscious!dating and domesticity and AUs of all kinds and boys being ridiculously boyish and tour dynamics. Also all the rest of the tropes ever.
Other fandoms you're in: Wayyy too many to list, over the years; most recently/actively Jonas Brothers, Winter Olympics 2010, Teen Wolf, and Sherlock, roughly chronologically.
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: Ack I post so so infrequently on LJ now, and trust me, no one is sadder about this than me; it is something I am working on, and actually making 1D friends will almost certainly get me posting more. I'm a liiitttle more active on Tumblr, but. I enjoy posting adorable pics and squeeful things, and I make graphics and write fic. (None for 1D yet, working on that also.) Intersperse this with occasional feminist/political/FA ranty things and real life bullshit. (...I also swear a lot. Um. I'm family-friendly like 1D?? :D?)
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: I keep it easy! iwritesometimes/@iwritesometimes

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):

My current favorite 1D gif...probably for about the next hour til I find another amazing one of Louis' face.

I have no excuses for this.
Name: Bridget
Age: 23
Location: Connecticut

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: I've been intrigued since ONTD started to get super on their jock earlier this year but I watched them on SNL and then fully fell down the hole. It's been a whirlwind romance.
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: LORD!!!!! I haven't even scratched the surface yet.
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: Harry is by far my favorite because he is so flipping beautiful and totally ambiguous to gender and shit and like ugh I can't even handle how much I love him :( Favorite ship is def Harry/Louis. It would be wasteful if I didn't love them because of all the prrrroooooof.
Favorite One Direction song?: I Wish? Stand Up? Same Mistakes?? I Want??? I DON'T KNOW! They're all so catchy for good reasons.
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: There is so many, but everyone is particularly cute in that French interview of them getting Q's asked by a French robot or some shit

Fun fact about yourself: I went to culinary school!
Favorite trope: I don't even know!!!
Other fandoms you're in: Supernatural, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Rec... basically whatever makesomelove said. I love a lot of thangs, y'all.
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: I'm getting back into the LJ scene after a few years hiatus so it's probably going to be heavy on the fandom screaming and light on the real life complaining.
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: Yes! Tumblr & Twitter! Feel free to follow me, I love yelling about things with frienzzzzzzz

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):

But this is probs my favorite 1D gif...
Name: Cait :)
Age: I'm going to be mysterious and say over 13 but under 18 (I was reading through these and realized I'm years younger than most people on here but hey, you don't get to pick when your born.)
Location: I'm American, but not the annoying kind

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: I knew about them for a good while, but I was too lazy to look them up. My best friend has an (un)healthy love(obsession) for Harry Styles, so, yeah, her fault.
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: I've loved everything I've read so far, so that's really hard, and I'm not good at linking, but I read one where Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn were ghosts at a hospital and Louis was blind, and yeah...
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: They are all amazayn (see what I did there? I'm not funny), but I love Louis Tomlinson with a burning passion. And I believe all pairings are canon, so I ship pretty much everything within the band, (OT5, OT3, Larry, Zouis, Niam, I love them all)
Favorite One Direction song?: Gahhhhh this is a hard question!! I really love I Want and Same Mistakes, but there whole album is an eargasm waiting to happen.
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: The Pokemon videos, just, gah...

Fun fact about yourself: I am a grade A rambler, which makes me kinda confusing (I'm not good at answering questions about myself D:)
Favorite trope: I love complete AU stories, where there in a completely unrealistic situation.
Other fandoms you're in: Umm, Supernatural, Bandom (Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, etc.), and others I can't remember
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: ummmm.... well, when I work up the courage to really post anything, probably fiction, as writing it is a hobbie/guilty pleasure of mine.
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: I have a tumblr, but I just joined super recently and don't know anyone, nor have I posted anything.... :|

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):

Name: Amanda
Age: God, not saying… but it isn't that hard to find out. Suffice to say, over 18 and way too old to go all heart eyed every frickin' time Harry Styles smiles.
Location: Kentucky

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: They popped up on my friends page. Harry Styles and his too-cute-too-be-real smile drew me in. I've been obsessing ever since.
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: Ugh. I haven't read that much. So, some reccs maybe? Yeah, that would be great. Friend me if you have awesome reccs, or write awesome stuff, of if you don't mind squeezing with a too old fangirl ;)
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: Member… Well, it's gotta be Harry, with Louis coming in a very close second. Favorite ship… See the answer for favorite member. Larry Stylinson all the way. Because, you know, I'm convinced it's real. Really real. Seriously.
Favorite One Direction song?: WMYB
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: Why yes, yes I do. Rather than take up space with the video, which I know all of you have watched, I'll just link you. And yes, it's because of Louis' little girly squeal. It gets me everytime.

Fun fact about yourself: What? Nothing. I'm boring. Way too boring.
Favorite trope: Again, not deep enough in yet to know. Only deep enough to know I'm hooked, really.
Other fandoms you're in: HP and some BtVS
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: HP fanfic, personal stuffs, and I'm currently working on the 100 Things Challenge
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: Twitter (but I'm only just learning how to use it), no tumblr.

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):
Oh, but it will be. And, of course, it'll also be Harry Styles related, won't it? God, that smile. I just can't even…

I'd credit whoever made this amazing gif, but I don't know who did. So, whoever you are, thank you for bringing me many smiles.
Name: Holly
Age: 24
Location: UK

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: When they were on X Factor I adored Louis and followed the band after it was formed. I voted every week but was actually happy when they came third. The winner of X Factor never actually wins XD
Favorite One Direction fanwork?: Room 317
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?: Louis
Favorite One Direction song?: I Want. It actually stops me spending money on useles accessories <3
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: Gotta be you pv

Fun fact about yourself: I thought I'd be the oldest in the fandom but I'm happy to see lots of people my age.
Favorite trope: Best friends becoming love, hurt comfort, jealousy, protective boyfriend
Other fandoms you're in: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avengers, Game of thrones
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: Fan girling, Fics, Pics
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: Tumbler is Holly-styles-tomlinson Twitter is Hollyxsxt

Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):


July 16 2012, 03:03:03 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  July 16 2012, 03:06:52 UTC

Gonna post this here even though I'm really late. :(

Location:New Brunswick, Canada

How did you first hear of/get involved with One Direction fandom?: It was around late April that I started paying attention to posts about them on tumblr or lj and I thought Louis was cute. Then after SNL I youtubed their music and montages of their best moments and I was gone after that.
Favorite One Direction fanwork?:I can't really think of one right now, I haven't read very many yet. I did just read this one today though and loved it.
Favorite member(s)/ship(s)?:Louis! Louis will always be my favorite, with Harry coming in at a close second. And Louis/Harry are my OTP and anyone who says the pairing is dead are full of lies. I love OT5, too. Them being so touchy-feely with one another is was made me a fan and that should never change.
Favorite One Direction song?: Stole My Heart, Everything About You, One Thing, and WMYB. And I love their cover of Use Somebody.
Do you have a favorite video of the boys?: Oh God, SO MANY. It'd be easier to just link to my 1D playlist so here it is.

Fun fact about yourself:I took fashion design and made 8 dresses (including a wedding dress) for my college fashion show last year. :P
Favorite trope: Idk, I suck at this question. I guess I like finally giving in to your feelings types of stories. Like a long buildup and then they finally get together and its really hot. Yeah, like I said, idk.
Other fandoms you're in:Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Community, Happy Endings, The Vampire Diaries, Hockey (LA Kings/Oilers), and I'll probably be in the Teen Wolf fandom by next week since I just got the first season.
What sorts of things do you post on your journal?: I've neglected my journal a bit ever since tumblr blew up but I'm trying to update it more often. I do post a bit of IRL things but it's mostly going to be me fangirling over all my fandoms.
Do you have a tumblr/twitter?: My tumblr. I basically live on there.
Favorite GIF (doesn't have to be One Direction-related):
Its gotta be this one...*sigh*


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