Since the One Direction fandom has been exploding lately (yay!), I thought it was time to have a...

If you want to pimp the meme out because you're an awesome individual, here's the code for the above banner:

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To play, copy and paste this code into a new comment and fill out your information, then talk/friend away! Yay, new friends! :D

ETA: apparently LJ has been marking some people's comments as spam ( >:( LJ). I'm unscreening them as soon as I notice them, but if I don't see it right away, please PM me so I can fix it as quickly as possible!

ETA PART TWO: I've gotten a few comments about this, so just a heads-up: it's more polite to say something before friending than just going ahead and friending! Let people know what you have in common, if you're friending them on twitter/tumblr too, introduce yourself, that kind of thing! That way, people know who you are if you friend them on other platforms, etc. :)

lol what has my life become? or, A One Direction Primer

So if you follow me on twitter, you know that recently I haven't been able to shut up about One Direction, which, if you don't know, is a british boy band that was on the X Factor UK a couple seasons ago. STOP JUDGING ME.

ANYWAY, they are basically all little tiny adorable puppies and I want to pinch their cheeks and cuddle them to my bosom. BUT let's be real, the reason I can't stop talking about them is because of how MASSIVELY ASTOUNDINGLY GAY Harry and Louis are for each other. SO GAY. SO, SO GAY.

This is One Direction, btw (please note the placement of Harry's knee and Louis's arm around it):

(l-r: Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik)

Anyway, a couple of people have expressed interest (mostly in an oh-my-god-what-have-you-done-to-me-this-is-ruining-my-life type of way, but you know, that's perfectly normal. Because they are life ruiners.), so I said I'd make an info/gif/pic/vidspam for those who wanted to know about these adorable assholes.

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Okay also I'd just like to say that all of this is from being in this fandom less than two weeks. This is just the tip of a very big, very gay iceberg.

In conclusion: they are the cutest tiny adorable boyfriends in love, the end, thank you for your time <3

Bandom voice meme! whiles drunk! I'mg sorry!

Okay so, there's a bandom voice meme. I for soem reason thought it's be good to do it while drunk? idk.

Here are yhe questions:

1. What's your username and is there a story behind it?
2. Where are you from and where do you live now?
3. What are you wearing? Yes, I am hitting on you.
4. How long have you been in bandom? How did you get into it?
5. Which bands are your favorites?
6. Which band members are your favorites?
7. Have you seen any of them in concert? Any fun stories or memories to share?
8. Do you have an OTP? What is it, and why do you love it?
9. What story do you wish someone would write?
10. Are you working on something for bandom right now? Tell us a little bit about it.
11. You've got fic open somewhere on your computer right now, don't lie. So go to one of your open tabs or word documents or whatever, and read us a couple of lines.
12. Say these words: Iero, haberdashery, LOLcat, flist, dirigible, halcyon, nemesis, ephemeral, languorous


ETA: Also, I forgot to say! One funny story from an MCR show was, in Toronto, the bassist (or uh. maybe the lead singer? idk) of Anti-Flag came down to the pit after their set SPECIFICALLY to fistbump my dad on barrier. lol most ridiculous ever.

The Panic Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

The Panic! Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

What can I post for the fest?
Whatever you want! As long as it has something to do with painplay and the Panic boys, it's fair game. Here are some suggestions:

- Fic! Any length is welcome; feel free to post it in a comment, or post a link to longer fic.
- Prompts! Seriously, ALL THE PROMPTS. (Try to put the pairing, warnings, etc in the subject line of your comment, for ease of searching.)
- Art! Why not draw Ian getting spanked? Or make a manip of Spencer using his cattleprod in ~sexy ways?
- Podfic! Who doesn't love a good podfic, right?
- Recs! Post links to your favorite painplay fics!
- Mixes! Know a couple songs that always make you think of Brendon getting overstimulated? Or Jon choking Ryan? Why not make a mix?
- Anything else you can think of!

How long is it running?
Forever! Or until people stop posting submissions, I guess *g*. But this post will stay up, so feel free to keep submitting things whenever.

What pairings are allowed?
All of them! As long as there's at least one Panic boy (past or present -- so, Brendon, Spencer, Ryan, Brent, Jon, Dallon, or Ian) in your submission, it's fair game. Slash, het, threesomes or moresomes, solo *cough* efforts *cough*, anything you want! Edit: nonsexual pain kink is welcomed, nay, encouraged, as well!

Anything else?
Be nice to fellow posters, please! Warn if you think your story needs it.

There's also a mirror up on DW, here, if you prefer to post there.

Tell people about it!
Please spread the word, so we get lots of lovely submissions!

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Brendon/Spencer hairpulling
Brendon/Spencer daddy kink + spanking
Painplay using household objects
Secret pain kink
Brendon/Ian hairpulling kink discovery (with bonus pic/gifspam)
Brendon/Spencer nonsexual spanking
Brendon/Ian(/Dallon) pining
Brendon/Spencer - THIGHS THIGHS THIGHS and also bruising and flogging
bb!Brendon(/bb!Spencer) - Brendon jerks off with clothespins on his nipples
bb!Brendon/bb!Ryan/bb!Spencer - face slapping
(on DW) Brendon figuring out his limits
(on DW) Ian gets giggly after being hurt just right

ETA: Also, it's come to my attention that the name of the fest caused some confusion about this, but nonsexual pain kinks are MORE than welcome! Sorry about any misunderstanding :(

The Brendon Urie Pain Kink Pornathon!

There are so many things to love about Brendon Urie: his muppet face, his ridiculous body, how much he loves his band.

His giant, raging pain kink.

With that in mind, I bring you

The Brendon Pain Kink Pornathon!

Comment on this post with fic, art, prompts, picspams, whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with Brendon in pain and liking it. There doesn't even have to be actual painplay in the fic/prompt/whatever; Brendon thinking about how much he'd like Spencer to flog him while he masturbates totally counts (and would be super hot).

Please pimp out this fest! Share the masochistic Brendon love!

PS. If you need ~inspiration, check out the pics and vids in the first comment

Brendon's sprained ankle, schmoopy domestic kink, ICYHOT handjob
Brendon being a very bossy top who instructs his sub in exactly how he likes his beatings.

Brendon using a TENS unit on himself by littlemousling
Untitled Brendon/Spencer spanking ficlet by bohemeyourself
A screenshot of Brendon admitting on twitter that he likes it when it hurts, wtf, posted by aerogroupie
Brendon/Ian hairpulling by littlemousling
Untitled Brendon/Spencer asphyxiation/beating fic by tellcincinnati
Taste the Pain by hiddenmuse
Tighten by helena_star
Sometimes I Forget (Won't You Remind Me) by faeryqueen07
Get Addicted to This by hermette
Untitled hair plucking fic by trcunning

Girl!Spencer chatfic!

So a couple of days ago I posted this gif to twitter:

which basically morphed into me and tellcincinnati twitficcing about girl!Spencer and Brendon getting it on. A completely logical chain of events, I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, so we decided to share it. And here it is :D

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Anyway! Since we both are sort of in love with this verse now and with making Brendon and girl!Spence do a bunch of kinky shit with each other, there's probably going to be more of this. Probably soon.

I'm not sure if that's a promise or a threat, actually, hmmm.


HEY GUYS! IT'S A SPENCER FUCKING SMITH PICSPAM! I know you are all excited, as you should be. It's okay, Spencer's excited too, see? (And so is his boyfriend)

(also lol this is pretty long and contains a lot of gifs. I was going to split it up into parts, but I am lazy. Tell me if this shit like, freezes your computer or something, though, and I'll split it up. Maybe.)

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