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Girl!Spencer chatfic!

So a couple of days ago I posted this gif to twitter:

which basically morphed into me and tellcincinnati twitficcing about girl!Spencer and Brendon getting it on. A completely logical chain of events, I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, so we decided to share it. And here it is :D

likeaglass: a;lksjfl;kasjdlkfjsld BRB I THINK I NEED A MOMENT TO MYSELF. SEVERAL MOMENTS.
tellcincinnati: panic! in my underwear, omg
likeaglass: IKR? omg, Brendon Urie should always be touching himself inappropriately. Or touching Spencer inappropriately, I'm not picky
tellcincinnati: fhdsasdfja I wish spencer wasn't always hidden away on stage. I would kiiiiiiill for some stage gay with him and Brendon.
likeaglass: omg yes. Although HEY YOU'LL ENJOY THIS. How about fic where girl!Spencer wears a skirt and no underwear to practice, which
likeaglass: Bden cuts short and then just goes to his knees right in front of her stool so he can go down on her
tellcincinnati: IS THIS A THING THAT EXISTS?????????
likeaglass: no :( it's a thing I was thinking about though
tellcincinnati: gfdsjakjsa it's a good thing to think, ah geez.
likeaglass: I've been enjoying it, ngl
tellcincinnati: I bet spencer likes to tell brendon how wet he makes her at really inopportune time, so brendon gets all flustered
likeaglass: oh my god, yes. During concerts when he goes up to talk to her b/w songs, she's like "I can't stop staring at your mouth"
tellcincinnati: yesss, oh jesus, and he hates her for it but they both know it makes him better. He pulls out all his moves and he performs
tellcincinnati: like crazy because he's all turned on and full of energy. And then he shoves her into the shower after the show and fucks
tellcincinnati: her deep against the tiles, not giving her a second to think about it or calm herself
likeaglass: hrrrrrrrnnnng, christ, and he goes down on her after, even though she's already come, cause he loves tasting himself on her
tellcincinnati: omg yeah, he gets his tongue in her nice and deep, licking out his own come and pushing it up against her clit,
tellcincinnati: licking at her with it until she's shaking
likeaglass: oh holy fuck. I literally can't think anymore. oh man, and spencer totally wears ridiculously lowcut tops when they have
likeaglass: radio interviews to do, so she can lean down when brendon's answering some question & there aren't any cameras to see her
likeaglass: being a tease, but she loves making brendon stammer and blush and lose what he was going to say. And then he spanks her
likeaglass: afterwards for making him look like an idiot, which she looks forward to most of all
tellcincinnati: ohhhhh god bless you. she wears slutty underwear and garters and he bends her over his knee and goes to town
tellcincinnati: and spencer used to be self conscious about being chubby, and brendon is so skinny, but he LOVES it, loves how much skin
tellcincinnati: she has, how firm it feels when he smacks her ass, but how it jiggles after too. loves seeing it get red everywhere, and he
tellcincinnati: can feel her getting wet against his thigh, right through her stupid lacey underwear
likeaglass: this is how I imagine girl!Spencer's body:

tellcincinnati: j\sdhgz ahhhh I LOVE YOU. i seriously picture it the exact same.
likeaglass: lmao omg there goes any productivity I may have had tonight. otoh, I just spent 20 minutes googling "curvy models lingerie"
likeaglass: to find girl!spencer, only to decide none of them were hot enough
likeaglass: <333333333 UGH why can I not find a girl pretty enough to be Spencer Smith??? :((((
tellcincinnati: :((((( it is an impossible task
tellcincinnati: this girl has a similar smile

tellcincinnati we might have to make a dream girl with different features lol

And then we decided this girl was pretty close to girl!Spencer (after I made her eyes blue):

So but, we're both kind of filthy perverts, so it didn't stop there. This happened yesterday:

likeaglass: oh my goodness, more girl!Spencer:

tellcincinnati: ohhhhhhh my gosh, she is a treat to my life. ung ung ung, imagine spence being the sexy female drummer, i can't even.
likeaglass: I would diiiiiiiieeeeeee oh god. And like, not to be crass or anything (lol) but imagine her TITS while she's playing *____*
tellcincinnati: NO I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. imagine the dvd footage.....
likeaglass: aasljflskjdf jesus christ. And since it's still SPENCER, she'd be making porno faces, her mouth wet and shiny and open

tellcincinnati: YES. like, imagine live in chicago exactly.... but a hot ass chick with amazing tits. oh my god.
tellcincinnati: \djgfjhdgljzdg okay well now i am just into looking at hot girls
likeaglass: a;lksjdflkjslkfjs DYING DYING I AM DEAD NOW homg, wait and that wink he did, but as a girl *_____*
tellcincinnati: DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. fuck everything. this is actually so frustratingly hot.
likeaglass: oh my god, I KNOW. I KNOW. wait so can we talk about the first time Spencer dressed up like this?

likeaglass: and she was SO embarrassed, oh my god, she couldn't stop blushing, but Brendon was just like O_____O and couldn't stop staring
likeaglass: and made a noise like he was DYING and then some sort of unintelligible gibberish that was trying and failing to be speech
likeaglass: because holy shit Spencer Smith was ACTUALLY THE HOTTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE, and she was HIS and he kept
likeaglass: like, touching her with such REVERENCE, like he was AWED, and that was completely the opposite of what Spencer thought he'd
likeaglass: be like; she thought he'd be all aggressive and throwing her on the bed and rough, but it's like he can't believe she exists
likeaglass: and if he touches her too roughly she'll break or disappear
tellcincinnati: god, he would lose it.
tellcincinnati: he's just so in love and she's SO HOT and he doesn't even realise he's in love because of how she's SO HOT.
tellcincinnati: and, ugh, when he touches her like that and looks at her, she feels all squirmy and embarrassed but he won't let her pull
tellcincinnati: away or back down, and then he starts buying her lingerie and she begins to finally get really into it, and feel sexy and
tellcincinnati: she loves how he will stop whatever he's doing the second she walks out like that.
tellcincinnati: um um um, also, i want her dressed in sort of spencery clothing since brendon has known her, but then the first time
tellcincinnati: they go to the grammys or whatever, she has to get a grammy worthy dress, but she doesn't let the guys see because ryan
tellcincinnati: will LAUGH at her. so it's the night of and she comes out and she looks gorgeous, just, brendon has never seen her look
tellcincinnati: like that and he doesn't even know how to properly tell her she looks beautiful because now he's the one all awkward and
tellcincinnati: shy and she thinks that he thinks she looks weird like that and it sucks and makes her feel crappy all evening, but
tellcincinnati: he finally figures it out and is all AUGH I AM DUMB and they go back to the hotel and he's a total sap and she's like *___*
likeaglass: alk;sjf;lkjasldfjalsjfla;kfjas;kjdflaksjlfkjaslkdjfalskjfl;kjslfkals;k OH GOD I WANT ALL THE FIC IN THIS UNIVERSE, ALL OF IT
likeaglass: ooooooh, this would be an awesome grammys dress, y/n?
likeaglass: lmao I am an idiot, here:

likeaglass: oooooor, omg this one:

likeaglass: OR!

tellcincinnati: omggggg they are all beautiful. I am partial to the second, I think it would tie in with their old look well.
likeaglass: yeah, that's my favorite too :333 and imagine brendon all fancied up in a suit next to THAT. ughhhhh
tellcincinnati: they would be the most stunning couple in the wooooooorld.
tellcincinnati: fdslfjasdfadf she could fix his little bowties for him, kill me
likeaglass: omg, she learns how to tie them just for such occasions. & so she can use them to tie him to the bed after the awards shows
tellcincinnati: YES. She ties him up, and he always asks her to keep her dresses on, and she rides him like that, material all bunched up
tellcincinnati: and he wants to grab her hips but he CAN'T, so he plants his feet on the bed and thrusts up as hard as he can instead
likeaglass: a;lskjdfslfjk and she leans forward just enough so her tits are RIGHT THERE but he can't reach and he's so frustrated but
likeaglass: it's SO FUCKING HOT too, cause she's completely in control & he has to do whatever she wants (she's so hot when she's bossy)
tellcincinnati: she smacks his cheek playfully, all "no hands, mister" which brendon doesn't think is funny AT ALL but spencer bites her
tellcincinnati: lip and laughs at him, pressing her hands hard into his shoulders and squeezing around his dick just to drive him nuts
likeaglass: oh oh, and her hair's still mostly in the complicated updo she had for the grammys, but it's all mussed and falling around
likeaglass: her face, and her lipstick's smudged across her mouth from where he kissed her a little too hard, but he couldn't HELP it
likeaglass: and she's seriously just, so beautiful, he can barely breathe looking at her & his heart's doing some weird somersault thing
tellcincinnati: oh my gosh! Fksdfks and spencer could do this forever, he just feels so GOOD, and he's looking at her like she's something
tellcincinnati: special, and she just got back from the GRAMMYS, and their band is successful and her boyfriend is incredible and she feels
tellcincinnati: so happy then, and she suddenly asks if she can untie his wrists, and he looks at her concerned, like something is wrong
tellcincinnati: but she shakes her head no and says "just need you to touch me. Want you to touch me, please" and brendon is nodding yes.
tellcincinnati: she stops just long enough to untie him and then she's leaning forward, pressing them together, rocking back into him
tellcincinnati: and his hands are everywhere on her, making her shiver, and he's kissing every part of her face he can reach.
likeaglass: oh my god, LET ME DIE. I'M READY TO GO NOW, LORD.

Then later:

likeaglass: oooooooh my god, so um. what if brendon fingers spencer just before a show, right?
likeaglass: and then his hand, the one holding the mic, SMELLS LIKE HER the entire show, and he's like, DESPERATE by the end of the set
tellcincinnati: ohhhhhh my god, so dirty, yeah yeah yeah. He wants to lick them but he can't and it just makes him more frustrated.
likeaglass: oh my god, wait no, he would TOTALLY lick them and the only person who would know WHY would be Spencer, and it'd just get
likeaglass: get her wet all over again. Everyone else would be like "oh brendon, there he is showing off again" and she'd be like nghhh
tellcincinnati: ohhhhhhgosh, yes, and she fucks up a drum fill and ryan shoots her an annoyed look, and brendon gets all smug
likeaglass: he all looks over his shoulder at her, playing coy, and she has to bite her lip and look down at her drums or she's going to
likeaglass: fuck up again or seriously just like, moan right there on stage, which she can't do cause they gave her a mic this tour
tellcincinnati: it's not fair cause brendon gets to ham it up all he wants, it's his job, and every time he moves his hips or suggestively
tellcincinnati: runs his fingers down the mic stand, spencer has to act like it's just part of the show even though she knows it's for her
likeaglass: so unfair. it's hard to do sexy things with drumsticks without making it super obvious, but she'll touch at the tip of one
likeaglass: if he's looking back at her, lick her lips and then look down, like she's shy, but she knows he can see her smirking

And even later:

tellcincinnati: i think brendon and girl!spencer are pretty into pegging
likeaglass: oh, oh yes. Yes, it's one of their very favorite things *_________* also, tell me more *chinhands*
tellcincinnati: i bet brendon always wants to fuck her in the ass, which, fine, whatever, she's cool with it, but at first it's just a
tellcincinnati: little, but then when she gets really used to it and starts to like it, he wants to all the time and spencer does not think
tellcincinnati: that is FAIR, brendon, seriously, you've got a perfectly great ass yourself and brendon is all meep! buuuut then he can't
tellcincinnati: stop thinking about it, and he watches a bunch of pegging porn, and the guys are always so blissed out, so okay, he's just
tellcincinnati: going to finger himself a bit to SEE. ...and it's awesome, so he relents a little. spence promises they'll go slow.
tellcincinnati: she just fingers him the first few times, rubbing over his prostate while she jerks him off, which is seriously AWESOME
tellcincinnati: and then she does it while she blows him a couple of times, and brendon can't really hide how much it gets him off anymore
tellcincinnati: but he's still awkward and shy about bringing it up, until one days spencer comes in all bossy, like "hey, i bought this"
tellcincinnati: and pulls out a strap on and, oh oh oh. brendon gets sort of red and twitchy but spencer just smirks, because it's time and
tellcincinnati: she knows he wants it. they go really slow at first, and use a ton of lube, and make sure everything is easy, but brendon
tellcincinnati: is actually pretty used to fingers at this point, and the dildo isn't too big, so pretty soon he's shoving back onto it,
tellcincinnati: can't help the way it makes something overwhelming rush through him when it shoves in deep, and spencer groans, grabs his
tellcincinnati: hips and starts pulling him back on every thrust, really starting to pound him, and she's moaning and telling him how good
tellcincinnati: he feels, because the base of it pushes right at her clit every time she slides into him and, god, his ass is amazing
tellcincinnati: and brendon can barely keep himself up anymore, and his arms buckle out from under him, and then he's lying on the bed, his
tellcincinnati: knees still up, and now his ass is pushed up higher, and it makes spencer come in at a different angle, and it makes
tellcincinnati: his vision go white, because she's getting him RIGHT THERE, right where it's amazing, every single time, and he can barely
tellcincinnati: get a hand around himself before he's coming, and it's so intense and like no orgasm he's ever had, with spencer fucking
tellcincinnati: him through it, and he can feel his ass tighten around her, feel how she has to push a bit more to slide into him and it's
tellcincinnati: the hottest thing EVER. and then they do it a million more times, the end.
likeaglass: hi I am not alive anymore, you have killed me with porn, but if I WERE alive, I would say a;lksjflaknlknvlkjlkfjoweijfaslkf
tellcincinnati: :D after that, they discover rimming, which is a whole new thing they spend a lot of time doing. neither of them says it
tellcincinnati: out loud too much, but they're both really really pleased to have found someone who's also into all the same kinky shit.
tellcincinnati: not to mention they're kind of helplessly in love too, which, talk about your added bonus.
likeaglass: OH ALSO, okay, so one time, after Spencer had dressed up in lacy panties and this seriously barely there bra (her nipples
likeaglass: kept peeking out over the lace around the cup) under her regular Spencer-clothes, and she kept like, bending over so her
likeaglass: lowrise jeans would slip down and show the lace of her underwear, it drove brendon crazy ALL DAY cause there was no time in
likeaglass: between interviews and m&gs and shows and he was DYING, but anyway, they're lying there after they've FINALLY gotten away
likeaglass: from everyone else to have sex, right? and Spencer's still got the panties on (but no bra), and they're kind of wrecked and
likeaglass: covered in come and sweat and a little uncomfortable, but whatever, she can't fucking move, okay? anyway, Brendon keeps like
likeaglass: rubbing his finger over the edge of the lace, where it's cutting into the skin of her hip, and he says something innocuous,
likeaglass: like "it's so soft" or "feels nice" or something, whatever, but it makes Spencer think of BRENDON wearing them, brendon in
likeaglass: boycut panties, his fucking lush ass peeking out of the lace, and she kind of can't breathe right anymore, but she doesn't
likeaglass: say anything, cause that's weird, right? like, brendon likes it when she fucks him, but he's never shown any interest in
likeaglass: whatever, dressing up like a girl (girl jeans and pink hoodies notwithstanding), and she doesn't want to freak him out. But
likeaglass: she can't stop THINKING about it, all the time. He just...whatever, she thinks it'd be really hot to see his cock, hard and
likeaglass: leaking, trapped in lacy girl panties. So but Brendon figures out something's up, cause Spencer's quieter than usual, and
likeaglass: it's kind of freaking him out, and he kind of comes to the completely stupid conclusion that she's breaking up with him, and
likeaglass: blahblahblah angst, and she's like "you idiot, I just want you in panties!" and he's like O___o but he's RELIEVED, he'll do
likeaglass: ANYTHING if she'll stay with him, so he agrees.
tellcincinnati: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, OMG YES. i adore you so. gfaljdfgh and spencer has TASTE, okay, so she goes to pick out all the panties
tellcincinnati: with the best cuts for brendon's shape, and the best colour for his skin tone and he's seriously going to look amazing and
tellcincinnati: spencer is kind of stupid excited to mouth at his hard cock through the lace. she secretly thinks she should make brendon
tellcincinnati: think she's going to break up with him more often.
likeaglass: lmao, sneaky!Spencer is the best
likeaglass: lol also like 99% of my favorites are just this discussion now, this is amazing
tellcincinnati: lmao, perfect. i really have very little interest in any other topics.
likeaglass: lulz, same. Well, so far we've got rimming, felching, anal, crossdressing, bondage, spanking, semi-public I
likeaglass: forgetting anything? so now we need, like, watersports and facials and orgasm denial and overstimulation and knifeplay...
tellcincinnati: just some basic stuff, yeah. felching, DP, asphyxiation...
likeaglass: holy shit, MARKING, how did I forget marking? and um, dirty talk, blindfolds, somnophilia, pain kink, b fucking s's mouth
tellcincinnati: KAJGDGHFKH hair pulling, scratching, fisting, D/s. ALL OF THE THINGS. they do them all, acadia.
likeaglass: ;al;ksjd lmao if we keep chatficcing this, it's going to be like, 1039480139k and the kinkiest shit ever I AM OKAY WITH THIS
tellcincinnati: ME TOO ME TOO. i think they should discover breathplay when they're trying to fuck on the bus. they're in the lounge and
tellcincinnati: ryan and jon are right up front, seriously, spencer, shut up. but brendon is fucking her so good and shes just CAN'T help
tellcincinnati: all of her noises and her moaning, and then brendon brings his hand up and claps it over her mouth, kind of tight. he keeps
tellcincinnati: it there while he fucks her, and now spencer can only breathe out of her nose and it's kind of scary and a lot amazing.
tellcincinnati: she pulls his hand down a bit and tentatively asks him if he can put it a little higher, right up against her nose, and
tellcincinnati: when brendon gets it his eyes go WIDE and his hips stutter, fucking into her HARD. she moans loudly again and brendon's
tellcincinnati: all "fuck, fuck, okay. shhh" and he puts his hand back over her mouth, pinky pressed right against the bottom of her nose,
tellcincinnati: so he can feel her body desperately trying tog et enough air, panting against his skin/ her face is going pink and brendon
tellcincinnati: is about to freak out and pull back, but then she's coming, and fuck, he can tell it's a good one, her whole body pushing
tellcincinnati: up, almost bucking him off her. she clenches around his dick so tight, and he fucks her through the waves it, feeling how
tellcincinnati: wet she is, feels it dripping down him when he pulls back out. he moves his hand away, looking at her in awe, and she's
tellcincinnati: panting, trying to gulp in air without loud gasps, but she's looking at him so bright, like he's the best thing in the
tellcincinnati: world and finally he comes with a groan, slumping against her and just letting them breathe together.
likeaglass: *___________________*
likeaglass: oh oh oh, can we talk about how brendon walks in on her using her drumsticks in uh, not approved ways? like, actually,
likeaglass: maybe that's how they get together? she's too embarrassed to go get anything else, and her drumsticks are really nice,
likeaglass: smooth and lacquered, it's not like she's going to get splinters or anything. So she tries it one night, cause she just...
likeaglass: she's been thinking about brendon and what he'd feel like, and she wants something more than her fingers or whatever, and
likeaglass: she has a new pair just sitting on her bedside table....anyway, she's pushing one into herself, and it's weird, okay, she's
likeaglass: not gonna lie, but it feels so good, better than her fingers, she can reach way farther with these. And she gets really into
likeaglass: it, and flushed and panting and sweaty, and she doesn't even notice at first when brendon climbs in her window (he's always
likeaglass: doing that when he has a fight with his parents, it's been happening more and more lately ): ) but it's never been a problem
likeaglass: before and it's so normal she doesn't even THINK about it before she started, how that might um, be an issue! so but bden's
likeaglass: all super quiet coming in cause it's the middle of the night and he doesn't want to wake her parents up, and when he gets
likeaglass: his feet under him and looks up he sees spencer, naked and gorgeous on her bed, fucking herself with a drumstick and cupping
likeaglass: her tit, and his knees go kind of weak and he stops breathing and he goes instantly, painfully hard, and he doesn't really
likeaglass: know what to do. It's Spencer! fucking herself! he should not be here! (he should totally be here, that should be HIM
likeaglass: sliding into her, not a goddamn piece of wood) but he feels terrible but he can't really move, he's kind of frozen to the
likeaglass: spot, until she lets out this raw, ragged moan, seriously the hottest thing he's ever heard, jesus christ, and then she
likeaglass: says, her voice breathy and fucked out, "brendon," and seriously, that's just IT, his feet take him over there without his
likeaglass: telling them to, and he climbs on the bed, and her eyes fly open, shocked and freaked out, but he just kisses her before
likeaglass: she can say anything, and it takes a second, but she kisses him back, kind of wet and too eager, and he takes the stick from
likeaglass: her and keeps going until she falls apart under him, her thighs clamped tight around his clothed hips as she shakes through
likeaglass: her orgasm. And then brendon comes in his pants, because HE JUST MADE SPENCER COME. HOLY FUCK.

Anyway! Since we both are sort of in love with this verse now and with making Brendon and girl!Spence do a bunch of kinky shit with each other, there's probably going to be more of this. Probably soon.

I'm not sure if that's a promise or a threat, actually, hmmm.
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