caligula would have blushed (likeaglass) wrote,
caligula would have blushed

The Brendon Urie Pain Kink Pornathon!

There are so many things to love about Brendon Urie: his muppet face, his ridiculous body, how much he loves his band.

His giant, raging pain kink.

With that in mind, I bring you

The Brendon Pain Kink Pornathon!

Comment on this post with fic, art, prompts, picspams, whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with Brendon in pain and liking it. There doesn't even have to be actual painplay in the fic/prompt/whatever; Brendon thinking about how much he'd like Spencer to flog him while he masturbates totally counts (and would be super hot).

Please pimp out this fest! Share the masochistic Brendon love!

PS. If you need ~inspiration, check out the pics and vids in the first comment

Brendon's sprained ankle, schmoopy domestic kink, ICYHOT handjob
Brendon being a very bossy top who instructs his sub in exactly how he likes his beatings.

Brendon using a TENS unit on himself by littlemousling
Untitled Brendon/Spencer spanking ficlet by bohemeyourself
A screenshot of Brendon admitting on twitter that he likes it when it hurts, wtf, posted by aerogroupie
Brendon/Ian hairpulling by littlemousling
Untitled Brendon/Spencer asphyxiation/beating fic by tellcincinnati
Taste the Pain by hiddenmuse
Tighten by helena_star
Sometimes I Forget (Won't You Remind Me) by faeryqueen07
Get Addicted to This by hermette
Untitled hair plucking fic by trcunning
Tags: brendon urie likes it when it hurts, panic at the discooooo
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