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caligula would have blushed

The Panic Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

The Panic! Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

What can I post for the fest?
Whatever you want! As long as it has something to do with painplay and the Panic boys, it's fair game. Here are some suggestions:

- Fic! Any length is welcome; feel free to post it in a comment, or post a link to longer fic.
- Prompts! Seriously, ALL THE PROMPTS. (Try to put the pairing, warnings, etc in the subject line of your comment, for ease of searching.)
- Art! Why not draw Ian getting spanked? Or make a manip of Spencer using his cattleprod in ~sexy ways?
- Podfic! Who doesn't love a good podfic, right?
- Recs! Post links to your favorite painplay fics!
- Mixes! Know a couple songs that always make you think of Brendon getting overstimulated? Or Jon choking Ryan? Why not make a mix?
- Anything else you can think of!

How long is it running?
Forever! Or until people stop posting submissions, I guess *g*. But this post will stay up, so feel free to keep submitting things whenever.

What pairings are allowed?
All of them! As long as there's at least one Panic boy (past or present -- so, Brendon, Spencer, Ryan, Brent, Jon, Dallon, or Ian) in your submission, it's fair game. Slash, het, threesomes or moresomes, solo *cough* efforts *cough*, anything you want! Edit: nonsexual pain kink is welcomed, nay, encouraged, as well!

Anything else?
Be nice to fellow posters, please! Warn if you think your story needs it.

There's also a mirror up on DW, here, if you prefer to post there.

Tell people about it!
Please spread the word, so we get lots of lovely submissions!

Use this code if you would like to use a plain text link:

Or there are three different banners you can use, if you want; just copypasta the code underneath them:

Brendon/Spencer hairpulling
Brendon/Spencer daddy kink + spanking
Painplay using household objects
Secret pain kink
Brendon/Ian hairpulling kink discovery (with bonus pic/gifspam)
Brendon/Spencer nonsexual spanking
Brendon/Ian(/Dallon) pining
Brendon/Spencer - THIGHS THIGHS THIGHS and also bruising and flogging
bb!Brendon(/bb!Spencer) - Brendon jerks off with clothespins on his nipples
bb!Brendon/bb!Ryan/bb!Spencer - face slapping
(on DW) Brendon figuring out his limits
(on DW) Ian gets giggly after being hurt just right

ETA: Also, it's come to my attention that the name of the fest caused some confusion about this, but nonsexual pain kinks are MORE than welcome! Sorry about any misunderstanding :(
Tags: brendon urie likes it when it hurts, pain kinks are the best kinks, panic at the discooooo, spencer fucking smith
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