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The Panic Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

The Panic! Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

What can I post for the fest?
Whatever you want! As long as it has something to do with painplay and the Panic boys, it's fair game. Here are some suggestions:

- Fic! Any length is welcome; feel free to post it in a comment, or post a link to longer fic.
- Prompts! Seriously, ALL THE PROMPTS. (Try to put the pairing, warnings, etc in the subject line of your comment, for ease of searching.)
- Art! Why not draw Ian getting spanked? Or make a manip of Spencer using his cattleprod in ~sexy ways?
- Podfic! Who doesn't love a good podfic, right?
- Recs! Post links to your favorite painplay fics!
- Mixes! Know a couple songs that always make you think of Brendon getting overstimulated? Or Jon choking Ryan? Why not make a mix?
- Anything else you can think of!

How long is it running?
Forever! Or until people stop posting submissions, I guess *g*. But this post will stay up, so feel free to keep submitting things whenever.

What pairings are allowed?
All of them! As long as there's at least one Panic boy (past or present -- so, Brendon, Spencer, Ryan, Brent, Jon, Dallon, or Ian) in your submission, it's fair game. Slash, het, threesomes or moresomes, solo *cough* efforts *cough*, anything you want! Edit: nonsexual pain kink is welcomed, nay, encouraged, as well!

Anything else?
Be nice to fellow posters, please! Warn if you think your story needs it.

There's also a mirror up on DW, here, if you prefer to post there.

Tell people about it!
Please spread the word, so we get lots of lovely submissions!

Use this code if you would like to use a plain text link:

Or there are three different banners you can use, if you want; just copypasta the code underneath them:

Brendon/Spencer hairpulling
Brendon/Spencer daddy kink + spanking
Painplay using household objects
Secret pain kink
Brendon/Ian hairpulling kink discovery (with bonus pic/gifspam)
Brendon/Spencer nonsexual spanking
Brendon/Ian(/Dallon) pining
Brendon/Spencer - THIGHS THIGHS THIGHS and also bruising and flogging
bb!Brendon(/bb!Spencer) - Brendon jerks off with clothespins on his nipples
bb!Brendon/bb!Ryan/bb!Spencer - face slapping
(on DW) Brendon figuring out his limits
(on DW) Ian gets giggly after being hurt just right

ETA: Also, it's come to my attention that the name of the fest caused some confusion about this, but nonsexual pain kinks are MORE than welcome! Sorry about any misunderstanding :(
Tags: brendon urie likes it when it hurts, pain kinks are the best kinks, panic at the discooooo, spencer fucking smith
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How about some fic/art about how much Spencer loves it when Brendon pulls his hair, especially when he's choking on Brendon's cock?

Ooooh, or about how Brendon loves to fist his hands in Spencer's hair and yank his head back before coming all over his face?

(Prompt inspired by this picture.)

Deleted comment


November 4 2011, 07:03:38 UTC 6 years ago

Brendon/Spencer with spanking. Spencer is Brendon's daddy and sometimes Brendon needs to be spanked. Bonus points for after care.


Deleted comment

Clothespins (tie some fishing weights or soda cans to them for extra fun), candles, rubber bands, scratchy (and paddle-y) hairbrushes, metal banjo/guitar picks, muscle rubs (Icy Hot, Vicks VapoRub, etc.), hot sauce, ginger, hair clips, spatulas, knives, belts, guitar strings, knives, drumsticks (not just hickory, either, there are some awesome metal brushes, too), sandpaper, tweezers...seriously, if you've ever been kinky and poor (or just starting out and too embarrassed/young to go out and buy a proper flogger) you've figured out that there are so many really amazing pain tools just lying around your house or available at the local store.

Anybody using them on anybody else. Super extra credit if it's a teenage anybody figuring out what they can use on themselves to cause pain while they get themselves off.
Aww, fumbly teenaged pain play with household objects. I would read the hell out of that!!
Somebody (okay, fine I want it to be Spencer, but seriously, anybody) gets off on secret pains he can cause himself in public without anybody noticing. Touching hot metal that's been in the sun, drinking tons of water/beer/whatever and holding it as long as he can, biting his own tongue, squeezing an ice cube in his hand, taunting other people into slapping/pinching/shoving him, digging fingernails into his skin, wearing something under his clothes like a plug or cock ring or nipple clamps, leaning against the rough edge of a counter or table or stage or chair, putting a rock in his shoe. Anything you can think of!

And then, of course, someone (Brendon? Dallon?) finds out and there is a lot of embarrassment and then sex.

So. Anyone notice how fucking much Brendon pulls Ian's hair and Ian just goes?
I can't find good video, but when I saw them he just yanked on his hair from behind with no warning. Ian didn't even blink. It's their thing and it's glorious.

brendon/ian 1
Not even looking.

brendon/ian 2
Just so comfortable.

brendon/ian 3
Ian gets lost in it.

Dallon gets in on it.

Clearly, there needs to be kink discovery fic. How did this come to be? Brendon just did it randomly once, saw how Ian reacted and ran with it? Maybe he just thinks it's convenient for the stage show, and has no idea how much desperate ~angst it puts Ian in. Maybe Ian encourages it without saying anything, because he'll take what he can get.
Oh, or maybe Brendon does realize what Ian's ~reaction means, because he's experienced, and decides to teach him You And Your Pain Kink 101. (Unashamedly stolen from that old Frank/Jepha/Brian commentfic.) This basically consists of pushing him around a lot.
OMG, I want this fic so much. I want the fic where getting spanked is just so centering for Brendon that he doesn't even have to get off on it. Spencer's belt drives all the nervous, confused thoughts out of his head and Brendon's just THERE, in the moment. (And then they can have sweet, slow vanilla sex. Or kinky "let me blindfold you and hold you down" sex. I'm EASY.)
seconded! sooooo seconded!!!! Brendon baby you know you want it!


6 years ago

Speaking of Dallon, he doesn't understand why Ian gets all the toppiness.

All he can do is SIGNAL until Brendon gets it already.

Or maybe he doesn't, because he's just that oblivious, but Ian does.
I always always imagine Spencer being the one to notice this shit before anyone else, not only because he's Spencer but because he's at the back during the show, he gets the best view...

Which brings me to my kink for Voyeur!Kink Spencer. Who notices what's up with Dallon and totally makes things happen just so he can watch. For the good of the band, of course!

Deleted comment

*____* I would read this! And also possibly hope that it led to fun SHARED times with the flogger, \o?

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Brendon steals Spencer's stun gun. For OBVIOUS REASONS. Spencer finds out, and is all like "but that's DANGEROUS! To do to yourself I mean. LET ME DO IT FOR YOU! see I'm a genius!" and Brendon's like "...why would you do that, isn't that awkward WE LIVE TOGETHER" and Spencer's like BECAUSE I'M YOUR FRIEND AND I'M A GOOD FRIEND and then they do it and he realizes how much he just wants to hurt Brendon, and he's creeped out by it because HE'S A GOOD FRIEND and he doesn't want to sleep with Brendon, but he REALLY JUST WANTS TO HURT HIM.

And then Brendon makes him realize what a perfect situation that is. :D?
Brendon knows that he's into pain, well, he thinks he might be/he's experienced it with someone else in the pat, but like you can't tickle yourself, it never works for him if he tries to hurt himself. Either he asks Spencer for a friendly favor, or he's too embarrassed to ask but Spencer figures it out and helps.

Deleted comment


6 years ago


6 years ago

Bb!Brendon and bb!Spencer have had sex maybe one or two times and they're kind of in love and everything is exciting and new even though the sex itself isn't maybe as amazing as everything they've been led to believe by TV, and then Spencer does something that hurts Brendon in the middle of sex and oh holy shit.


November 5 2011, 03:36:41 UTC 6 years ago

I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF THIS STORY. Somebody should feel free to write another one. OR TWO. GET ON THE PILE, ROOM FOR ALL.


6 years ago

High school! Brendon is incredibly nervous about sleeping with Spencer for the first time because hello, Spencer has been getting laid some he was fourteen and Brendon has never gotten laid before ever. Spencer assures him that it will be okay, but even Spencer wasn't expecting it to feel this good when Brendon accidentally scratches or pinches him too hard and it feels amazing and all of a sudden he's not so much the experienced pro as discovering new things right there with Brendon.
Brendon and Sarah are together but really they are both also in love with Spencer and he loves them too so they all get together \o/ Spencer and Brendon have done s/m things with each other before, either as convenience tour stuff or a non-sexual arrangement, and now Spencer and Sarah get to show/teach each other their favorite ways to hurt Brendon/get him under.

In the theme of "Tropes I'd love to see more of", I am super fond of the "we're just having kinky sex" storyline, where Spencer/Brendon/Ian/Somebody is in a kinky relationship with someone else (I swear to you, I am not picky), and while they think they're just being bros helping each other out, in fact they end up stumbling upon FEELINGS! And maybe even if it could be totally fluffy and sweet, since this storyline tends to trend towards angsty. Like, Spencer/Brendon/Whoever ends up finding himself spending more and more time with aftercare, and, like, buys his partner the kind of pillow he likes when they play at his place, and suddenly once after a particularly grueling session where it took forever to get to where they wanted to go, they're all in the tub with candles and he's feeding his partner fruit (FOR BLOOD SUGAR, IT'S A THING OK AND HIS COORDINATION IS NOT THE BEST AFTER AN HOUR OF FLOGGING) and suddenly BAM he knows he's in love. And then.... things happen. Confessions, awkward but sweet, maybe there could be candy or flowers.

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