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lol what has my life become? or, A One Direction Primer

So if you follow me on twitter, you know that recently I haven't been able to shut up about One Direction, which, if you don't know, is a british boy band that was on the X Factor UK a couple seasons ago. STOP JUDGING ME.

ANYWAY, they are basically all little tiny adorable puppies and I want to pinch their cheeks and cuddle them to my bosom. BUT let's be real, the reason I can't stop talking about them is because of how MASSIVELY ASTOUNDINGLY GAY Harry and Louis are for each other. SO GAY. SO, SO GAY.

This is One Direction, btw (please note the placement of Harry's knee and Louis's arm around it):

(l-r: Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik)

Anyway, a couple of people have expressed interest (mostly in an oh-my-god-what-have-you-done-to-me-this-is-ruining-my-life type of way, but you know, that's perfectly normal. Because they are life ruiners.), so I said I'd make an info/gif/pic/vidspam for those who wanted to know about these adorable assholes.


One Direction formed in 2010, when they all tried out for the boys' category on series 7 of The X Factor UK and didn't make it individually, but then Simon Cowell and another judge suggested they form a band together and move on to the group category, which they did. They went on to be finalists but didn't win, coming in third place. Cowell signed them anyway, and they just released their debut album Up All Night in the USA a couple weeks ago; it'd been out in the UK since late last year.

Harry, Liam, and Niall are all 18, Zayn's 19, and Louis is 20, so don't worry, they're all perfectly legal :)

Oh, and just fyi: they all live in the same building in London, but only Harry and Louis live in the same apartment. Yeaaaaah.

Ummmm, idk what else, I guess if you have questions ask and I'll try to answer or find out if I don't know :D

offered without comment, because seeeeeeriously they speak for themselves.

(note: Harry signed "boo bear," which, I shit you not, is his nickname for Louis
ETA: okay apparently that actually says "boobies" because, Harry Styles. Still keeping it because it's hilarious and he's an idiot and I love him.)

(for reference, this is how they look at other people:)

a;lsjdfl;akjsd lol


  • 3:43: a;alskjsslkdjf SECRET BACK KISSES. Louis hides his face behind Harry's back and then KISSES IT WTFFFFFFF a;lskdj and then Harry moves his hand to like, squeeze Louis's thigh ugh just kill me
  • 4:00: The bromance question. Harry squeezing Louis's thigh again. Note Louis doesn't actually deny anything even remotely. It's okay, Louis, we all know already.
    Also, Louis: "some people genuinely think we're in a relationship."
    Liam: "you are though, aren't you?"
    a;lsdkjfas thanks for that, Liam.
  • 4:39: Zayn starts talking about a Zayn/Harry vid, Harry says, "I made that vid," Louis loses his smile and starts looking pissed. So jealous, the poor dear <3
  • 4:50: Zayn says reaaaaaally quietly to Harry "oooh Louis," and Harry pushes him and smiles all shyly a;lskdjf what

  • 3:33: what do you look for in a girlfriend, and Louis and Harry basically describe each other :33 Also, Harry definitely says "if you can have a conversation with him obviously that helps." Okay then.
  • 5:08: lol Louis nagging Harry about what he would want to do if he only had 24 hours to live, because obviously Harry's answer would be "Louis." Also, I like how Louis completely fails to mention his girlfriend in his answer, then when Liam answers and DOES mention his girlfriend he stares at Louis. lololol okay.

Right okay, it's hard to point out highlights for this one because SERIOUSLY, they are CONSTANTLY ignoring everything else to whisper and giggle and gaze at each other. CONSTANTLY. But here are a few jalskdjlfaks moments:
  • 0:39: completely ignoring the host in order to talk to each other, oic
  • 0:43: yes, Harry, Louis totally needs you to fix his hoodie for him, of course he does.
  • No but seriously, I cannot stress enough how EVERYONE BUT THEM is focused on the host, but they just can't stop being gay for each other for 20 min to do an interview. This is why they're not allowed to sit together anymore :(
  • 10:13: Louis reaches over to stroke Harry's leg, and then Harry returns the favor. ;alskjd I can't.
  • 10:18: yeah, you would think bras are weird, Lou
  • 18:20: I don't know what Louis and Harry are doing, but it looks cute
  • 22:09-22:21: seriously they can't even stop talking and giggling with each other when they're supposed to be singing :33333 UGH STOP WITH YOUR FACES

ahaha, okay basically this video is just adorable and you should all watch it. It's not particularly gay for them, but that's like saying Liberace is less sparkly than usual.

  • 0:19: UUUUHHHHHH, Harry says "I'm going to the movies with my boyfriend" in french and gestures to Louis. No, for real. That is what just happened there. al;skdjfawoefij
  • 4:40: Louis: "of course he's hot" Harry: "thanks *touches cheek*" ooooookay.
  • 5:00-5:10: Let's just forget that we're in an interview and stare at each other adoringly for a bit, that sounds like a great idea! Oh, boys.

Harry and Louis answer a question about mario kart as though it were about sex. Awww, that's sweet, they share coming from front and behind!

Honestly I just wanted to include this one because of the Louis slapping that dude's face. Like, I don't think any of you understand how much I need some kinky Louis/Harry fic. NEED.

ahahaha, I forgot about the actual music. whoops. Here is a completely innocent link that does not go to anywhere having to do with downloading or their album, nope, not at all.

And here are their two music videos, in which they prance about while being well-groomed and also very, very gay.

Okay also I'd just like to say that all of this is from being in this fandom less than two weeks. This is just the tip of a very big, very gay iceberg.

In conclusion: they are the cutest tiny adorable boyfriends in love, the end, thank you for your time <3
Tags: fml, gaaaaaaay, louis/harry, one direction, pimpin ain't easy but it ain't hard, puppies
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