caligula would have blushed (likeaglass) wrote,
caligula would have blushed

um, help?

You may or may not know this (uh, or care, I suppose), but Harry Styles has an instagram.

THIS was on it.

Um. The noise I just made leads me to believe I'm dying. Help.

ETA: so a few people I've shown this to haven't gotten what's happening here, so, the explanation: Harry posted a pic of twitter trending topics to his instagram, with all the topics blurred out except for "Lou and Eleanor." Then, the comment he posted with the pic was "I can love you more than this."

THIS IS WHY I FREAKED OUT. I'd heard that his instagram was less ~censored than his twitter pics, because it wasn't in the public eye really, but like seriously. WHAT.
Tags: *hands*, gaaaaaaay, louis/harry, one direction, puppies
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