caligula would have blushed (likeaglass) wrote,
caligula would have blushed


Since the One Direction fandom has been exploding lately (yay!), I thought it was time to have a...

If you want to pimp the meme out because you're an awesome individual, here's the code for the above banner:

or you can use this banner:

and the code for that one is:

To play, copy and paste this code into a new comment and fill out your information, then talk/friend away! Yay, new friends! :D

ETA: apparently LJ has been marking some people's comments as spam ( >:( LJ). I'm unscreening them as soon as I notice them, but if I don't see it right away, please PM me so I can fix it as quickly as possible!

ETA PART TWO: I've gotten a few comments about this, so just a heads-up: it's more polite to say something before friending than just going ahead and friending! Let people know what you have in common, if you're friending them on twitter/tumblr too, introduce yourself, that kind of thing! That way, people know who you are if you friend them on other platforms, etc. :)
Tags: friending meme, one direction, pimpin ain't easy but it ain't hard, puppies
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