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makeup meme!

I've seen the makeup meme going around my flist recently, so I thought I'd unearth all my ~beauty products~ and show you how I single-handedly keep Sephora and Ulta in business.


All my makeup, taking up the entire goddamn coffee table, omg.


Foundation/concealer - I use Bare Escentuals mostly, but when I'm feeling lazy I use this Clinique tinted moisturizer/foundation...stuff.

Primers and highlighters

Blushes/bronzers. My favorites are the Stila, Bloom, Tarte, and Smashbox ones.

Top row - liquid glitter eyeliners
Bottom row - liquid eyeliners

Eyeliner pencils!

Eyeliner pencils - close up of top row. My favorite pencils by far are Urban Decay. They have SUCH amazing colors and they really do stay put for a long time.

Eyeliner pencils - close up of bottom row

Cream and rollerball eyeshadows/eyeliners

Single eyeshadows. Again, Urban Decay is my favorite, but I do love Bare Escentuals a lot as well.

Eyeshadow palettes!



Lipstains/chapsticks. The Stila ones are AWESOME, they wear for a super long time. The Tarte ones are also awesome, they taste like mint and are cool and tingly when you put them on.


Lipgloss- close up of top row. Stila and Urban Decay lipglosses are my favorites, but I do love Bare Escentuals because they smell/taste like CAKE, om nom nom.

Lipgloss- close up of middle row. Favorites are the Tarte, Benefit, and Buxom glosses.

Lipglosses - close up of bottom row. LOVE the Lorac ones and the tiny Smashbox sample, and the color of the Korres one is AMAZING but it does taste a little weird.

Lipgloss palettes/sets

Glitter! I may have a problem. I JUST REALLY LIKE GLITTER, OKAY.

Palettes with lipglosses, eyeshadows, and blushes.

More palettes!


Nail polish collection, minus the ones I found later in my makeup bag.

Blue and green nail polishes.

Purple nail polishes.

Red and pink nail polishes.

Extra nail polishes I found in my giant makeup bag after already taking pictures of the others, whoops.

Glitter nail polishes and base colors. I'm super sad the polish on the top right didn't photograph well, but it's my faaaavorite. It adds a shimmery gold and it is GORGEOUS in real life.

If you want to know more about anything/what brand something is or if you want to see a swatch just let me know :)
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